Having Stress? Learn how to deal and reduce it

Stress is an expected part of life. We all feel overwhelmed and anxious from time to time, but for some, these feelings can impact our health and wellbeing.

Although stress is not itself a mental illness, it can often be seen in conjunction with conditions such as depression and anxiety. You might find that speaking to a professional helps you identify the causes of stress and strategies to overcome it.

The psychology team at Life Resolutions have an expanse of knowledge and experience in helping people create healthy ways to deal with stress. Our principal psychologist, Mary Magalotti, and CEO and Founder, Jodie Brenton, have a strong understanding of stress. At Life Resolutions, we offer dedicated counselling services for people dealing with stress, as well as our other counselling services.

Mary Magalotti and Jodie Brenton have also created a list of practices to help you manage stress. Different things work for different people, but there are some strategies below that you may find useful.

Advice from Mary Magalotti and Jodie Brenton on Dealing with Stress

Mary Magalotti and Jodie Brenton have extended experience in providing psychological services through Life Resolutions to help people to deal with stress. Here is some advice they have compiled on reducing stress.

Work/life separation — do not take the stresses of your work home with you and find a way to unwind after a big day at the office.

Interpersonal conflict –instead of letting arguments or disagreements weigh on your mind, address them as soon as you can.

Hobbies — it is a common suggestion, but having a pastime you enjoy can really help take your mind off things.

Exercise– making time for exercise will do both your body and brain good.

Sleep and rest — try to get eight hours every night and unwind before bed with a book instead of the bright light of your phone.

Seek help — if stress is beginning to impact your quality of life, seek help from a professional.

If you are looking for stress counselling and management, the Life Resolutions team are here to help. We are able to provide personalized techniques to deal with your stress, and we can also work with you to identify any underlying issues.

The Life Resolutions Clinic

The team at LifeResolutions are caring and experienced mental health professionals and are always happy to help new clients overcome stress and anxiety.

Due to the current stage four restrictions in Melbourne, our Life Resolutions clinics are offering Telehealth consultations as well as face-to-face sessions. Telehealth allows us to continue to provide our counselling services to all who need us.

If you would like more information on the work of Life Resolutions, or would like to speak to either Mary Magalotti or Jodie Brenton, you can contact us here. You are also welcome to head to the Life Resolutions website to learn more about Jodie Brenton and Mary Magalotti Life Resolutions work.

The principal psychologist at Life Resolutions, a position she has held since the foundation of the clinic in 2001. visit https://www.liferesolutions.com.au/