Life Resolutions-Coping with the Stress of Parenthood during a Pandemic

Parenting one of the most rewarding and most difficult jobs we can undertake. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, it can sometimes feel nearly impossible. However, support is always available.

Tips on Coping with the Stress of Parenthood

At LifeResolutions, we understand that parenting is never easy, and right now, we are all feeling the increased stress associated with COVID-19. Here is some advice on coping with these challenging times.

Focus on adjusting to life under a pandemic — parents and children alike are feeling the stress of being stuck at home and missing friends and extended family. This means it is especially important to spend time together, enjoying each other’s company. It can be hard to think of activities that the whole family can enjoy, but some ideas might include a daily hour of exercise or games outside, practicing mindfulness together (such as mediation or journaling), or working together on something like crafting or an art project.

Priorities your daily tasks — creating a to-do list for the day can help keep you and your family organized. Put the most important tasks at the top of the list and check them off as you go along. Try not to worry if not everything gets accomplished every day and have realistic expectations for you and your family. No one is perfect!

Take time to unwind — it can be hard to find time to yourself amongst the stresses of family life, but it really is crucial to staying emotionally well, especially as we are now spending even more time at home with family. Try to make time to go for a walk, enjoy a book or movie, or even just drink a hot cup of tea before bed.

Have self-compassion — remember, you are living through a pandemic! No one feels like a perfect parent, but most likely, you are doing better than believe you are. It is important to speak kindly to yourself and practice self-love.

Remember what really matters — it is easy to worry about all the things you feel are going wrong, like a mess in the kitchen, a child late for online school or an argument between you and your teenager. But try to keep in mind the things that are going right — your family is healthy and happy. This is what you’ll remember in a years’ time, not a messy home or minor disagreement.

Do not Be Afraid to Seek Support

If you feel you are struggling to manage the stress of raising a family during this pandemic or are dealing with other mental health issues, it is important to seek support from a professional. At Life Resolutions, we offer a range of mental health services for families, including family counselling, marriage counselling and child counselling. We also offer mental health services for a large range of other issues, including stress, insomnia, depression, eating disorders, and many more. So, no matter what issue you are facing, you can be sure that our team of psychology professionals are there to help. You are welcome to make an appointment for yourself, and one of our friendly psychologists will be there to listen and help.

To book in a Telehealth appointment with our Life Resolutions team, head to our bookings page. If you would like to hear more about the journey of our principal psychologist, Mary Magalotti and our CEO and Founder, Jodie Brenton, feel free to contact us here. Jodie Brenton and Mary Magalotti’s extensive experience in the psychology industry has allowed them to spend their career to devote to your emotional wellbeing. You are also welcome to visit the Life Resolutions website to discover more about the services we offer and the exceptional work of Jodie Brenton and Mary Magalotti Life Resolutions.

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